Summertime (May - October)
Open Friday - Wednesday
Closed Thursdays

Wintertime (November - May)
Open by Appointment


Kiln Site

Tucked into the rolling hills of rural Mineral Point, Frank’s Kiln Site is just 6 miles east of downtown on Hwy 39. There, an 1890s cheese factory has been transformed into a winter pottery studio and gallery. The site features 4 kilns, including the “Polizzi 120” fast fire wood burning kiln. Frank has built his kilns (and his grass tennis court) next to his home, he shares with his wife, the city librarian.

Wood Burning Kiln

At the heart of The Mulberry Pottery is a 120 cubic foot wood burning kiln. This high-fire kiln is featured in the 3rd edition of Fred Olsen’s The Kiln Book due to its size – 4 times larger than Olsen’s original “fast fire wood” design.

Pit Fire

Frank also uses a smaller, low-fire pit kiln. The earthenware pieces reflect the vagaries of the fire.